Great News!

greenlight title
The game received the Greenlight some time and it was so amazing that I didn’t know what to publish so far. Before being contemplated, I was preparing many new features and improvements to the game, after the news I tried to further streamline the process of improvement in order to show some updates in few time.

well… after a while, I bring some news 😀

The game now has a dozen improvements, starting with the new interface. The gameplay and mechanisms have also been improved to accommodate better the story and give more fun and comfort to the player.

The game is also being implemented to work entirely with joypad controller (if the player wants), or keyboard and mouse.

Wait for more news this week 🙂

Dialog System - part 1
Dialog System - part 2
Combat System
Inventory System
Transition Points

Hot impact skill!

Skill of Attack in area, useful to attack multiple targets

Dodge and Fire attack!

2 new skills, one to dodge and another to give a strong fire attack!

New challenge!

I’m preparing new challenges 🙂